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Dove Casting

Thank you for your interest in Dove Campaign!!

For this campaign, if possible please involve 2 friends or at-least 1.

Who are we

We are an official Talent Agency for Unilever. We work closely with Unilever brands like Dove, Sunsilk, Lux and others in shooting with Real People for Advertising Campaigns.

Dove Campaigns

Dove campaigns are shot with Real People who are not models or actors. Dove campaigns showcase Real Beauty and breaks away from conventional rules of beauty. For our next Dove Campaign, we are looking for women in age 18 to 26 years. You can be a Student, homemaker, a professional, an artist or from any background. If you believe in yourself and like to talk, Dove want you to participate.


You can view few of our previoius Dove campaigns here.


1. A Simple Video of you and your friends individually and one video of all of you together.

2. Few Simple Photos (as mentioned below)

3. Dove Casting Form (online form link is in the end of this page)


These Casting video and photos are only for purpose review for further selection by Dove Brand Team, Agency Team and Production House. It will never be broadcasted/displayed or uploaded on any commercial media.


This can be a simple selfie video where you have to talk looking at the camera, answering questions that are mentioned below.

You can place or hold the phone at a face height (or little lower) or your friend can hold the phone. You can be sitting or standing, whatever you find comfortable. You can read the questions and answer looking at the camera or your friend can ask the questions to you.

The video frame should be mid frame (see this link ) - 

Sample Individual Video -

Sample Friends Group Video -

Good Light - Please record this in good light conditions and where there is not much noise. In-front of a window or outdoor works fine. Avoid recording in room without natural light.

What to wear -  NO makeup and wear casuals that best define your style. You can keep hair tied or open.

Mood - Be very relaxed and light. We want to see you talk and express yourself, so please elaborate and not just yes or no answers :). You can be light hearted and funny if thats your personality.



To be recorded individually

1. Apna naam, apni age, aap kahan se hain aur aap kya karte hain? 
2. Aap kaam ke alawa aur kya karna pasand karte hain? Apki hobbies aur passion kya hai? Kya apko ghumna pasand hain? 
3. Aap face wash karne ke liye kya use karte hain? Liquid facial cleanser ya fir soap ?
4. Soap ka naam, liquid facial cleanser ka naam ya fir face wash ka naam? 
5. why aur Kitne samai se use karte hai?
6. Kya apne issey pehle inme se koi soap use kiya hai? Lifebuoy? Dove? Lux? Dettol?
7. Kya aap facial karwate hain? Kitni baar? Aur kyun?
8. Kya aap moisturizer ya fir lotion lagate hain? Face aur body ke liye alag creams ka use kartey hain? Aur kyun?
9. Apne skin ke bareme batayen. Apko apne skin ke bareme kya pasand hai aur kya nahi pasand?
10. Aapki family and apke friends apko kese describe karenge? Aur kyun ?
11. Aap iss statement ke saath kitna agree karte hain “When my skin feels good, I feel good” aur kyun?w much do you agree with the following statement: “When my skin feels good, I feel good.” Why do you think that?


To be recorded in group (If friend is not with you, you can answer these questions in your individual video)

12. Aap friends kaise bane?
13. Aap ek dusreke bareme kya pasand hain?
14. koi aisi embarrassing funny cheez jo aapke friends ne kari ho?
15. Aapke dost ke konsi baat apko annoying lagti hain?
16. Aap me sabse jyada selfies kon leta hain?
18. Jab aap ek saath selfie lete hain aur koi ek accha nahi dekhta, kya phirbhi apni selfie post karogey?
19. Aap dono ek saath aachi selfie lete hain toh apko kaisa lagta?

2. PHOTOS - send multiple photos of these type

Closeup up (Shoulder up from front and side profiles)

Mid shot from front

Full shot from front.

Few group photos with friends

All without makeup

Below are examples of photos you can click (take it outdoor instead of indoor, if possible)

How to send video and photos to us


Option A. Whatsapp it to +91 9920072165 or 9820080178. Please mention your full name and city when sending the video

Option B. OR You can upload on 'wetransfer' and send it to

3. Dove Casting Form

Last step - please click below to fill online casting form. Please fill all sections.

THANK YOU so much for your time. Our Casting Team will get back to you soon.

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