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Dove Casting

Thank you for your interest in the Dove Ad Campaign!

We require a simple video and a few photos from you. The whole process won't take more than 20 mins.


Please read the brief below and see the sample video in the link.


A simple video of you answering questions listed below.

Have fun, smile, and add whatever you would like to. Please don't give one-word answers :).

The video frame should be mid-frame. If possible, take someone's help in recording and clicking photos. Or you can make selfie video and photos.


Please record this in your dressing area, where you get ready. Please keep the area well lit. Switch on all lights and open windows if possible.


NO MAKEUP. Wear stylish casuals (your own sytle).



Be confident, smile, have fun...

You can answer in HINDI or ENGLISH whichever you are comfortable with.

1.Tell us about yourself – name, age, where are you from?

2.Tell us a bit about your family?

3.What do you do?

4. Hat are your life goals?

5. What are your passions?

6. How do you like to spend your “me time”?

7. What is your view on arranged marriage?

8. Have you gone through the process of meeting multiple prospects?

9. Usually who from your family and the prospective grooms' family is involved in the meeting? And where did the meeting take place?

10. What were the thoughts going through your mind during this meet? Did you feel prepared for this?

11. Tell us a little more about your experience through such meetings for an arranged marriage. Tell us Good & Bad.

12. What kind of conversations was everyone engaging in during such meetings?

13. Did you at any point feel that physical features/beauty was a big criterion for Groom families?

14. Did any such conversation happen in front of you?

15. Did these instances make you feel uncomfortable? How did you deal with it?

16. Could you tell us any negative comments or actions that affected you?

17. Did you reject any of the prospects? Why?

18. Did you face rejection through this process? What according to you were the reasons?

19. Tell us about your journey, how it made you feel & if it had an impact on you.

20. How do you feel about these experiences?

2. PHOTOS - Zero Makeup

Please read the brief and see the sample photos below.

If possible, have somebody to help you take photos.

BRIEF for Photos

1. Closeup up head to the neck (in tied hair): straight and profiles

2. Mid shot head to the waist (in open hair): straight and profiles (smiling)

3. Full shot (open hair) - straight.

Below are examples of photos we need.

How to send video and photos to us


Option A. Whatsapp it to +91 9920072165 or 9820080178 or the casting manager you are in touch with. Please mention your full name and city when sending the video

Option B. OR You can upload on 'wetransfer' and send it to

3. Dove Casting Form

Last step - please click below to fill online casting form. Please fill all sections.

THANK YOU so much for your time. Our Casting Team will get back to you soon.

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