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Policy Principle and Guidelines

Employees Physical and Emotional Health and Safety




An injury-free, illness-free and harassment free workplace that is operated in an environmentally, physically and emotionally sound manner.



Prevention of Harassment:


We are committed to conducting and governing ourselves with ethics and transparency. Any incidence of Harassment of any nature shall be dealt with maximum measures available. It is the duty of Employers to keep all Asociates safe from Harassment, not just in office premises, but any location visited during course of employment.


. Redressal Committee:


We shall at all times have a Redressal Committee headed by a women Employee employed at senior level.


Committee should be approachable to Employees at all time (even after office hours) over email, call and messages.


All complaint should be immediately dealt without a delay. Committee does not require approval to take help from local authority wherever required. All assistance to be extended to the Aggrieved in filing complaint under Indian Penal Code.


Committee should also coordinate preventive activities to create a harassment free company and workplace. Committee can undertake activities like Information mailers, workshops and other activities committee finds useful.


Filing of complaint can also happen over call, email, message or personal meeting. It can also be sent anonymously by dropping a written complain in the suggestion and complaint box located outside HR Cabin. It can also be sent through a friend or family.



Physical Health:


. Discounted Healthcare Policy available for all Employees. Employees can contact HR Manager for details on available plans.


. Within Premises – Zero usage of pollution emitting material and equipment for cleaning services. Daily inspection by assigned Admin to keep premises hazard free.


. Air quality – Monthly maintenance of all Air Condition systems in the premised. Placement of Air purifiers in identified locations inside premises. To be reviewed monthly by assigned Amin staff.


. Fire Safety – Monthly inspection and quarterly audit of Fire safely measures in the premises to be carried out from assigned Vendor. Office admin to immediately sanction required repairs and changes – no management approval required for this measure. Storage of inflammable material within the premises is prohibited.


. Zero tolerance towards carrying weapons in premises – Any sort of Weapons are not permitted into the office premises. If any Employee identifies any such issue, they should immediately inform the Security of the building. Security should immediately take action to confiscate the weapon wherever possible. Security can take a call on calling the Police depending on the seriousness of the issue and then inform the Management.


Emotional Health:


It is important for Castingtree that all Employees feel safe and happy at work and outside of work. Monthly CGTG programs are designed for Employees to raise any concern they may have with regard to work at Castingtree. Castingtree also believes in optimum work timings. While we make sure we abide by our timelines, we do not believe in stressed out work place and timings. All Employees are encouraged to have healthy work timings.


If any Employee has a concern regarding work atmosphere, he / she can reach-out to HR or Sr. manager without hesitation. It is responsibility of the Sr. Manager to make sure the work atmosphere for the entire team is free from un-healthy stress.

For any questions related to this policy, contact assigned Admin Manager or email

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