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Policy Principle and Guidelines

Prevention of discrimination and establishing Equal Opportunity






Equal employment opportunities for all Employees regardless of race, color, caste, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, disability or other status. This Principle applies to all aspects of the employment relationship, including recruiting, hiring, training, work assignment, promotion, transfer, termination, and salary administration.



Prevention of Discrimination:


. Castingtree at no point will seek information regarding Employee’s religion, race, caste, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, nationality and other status from Employee. None of these status is a criterion in hiring, training, assignment of work, promotion and salary administration.


. HR shall review Discrimination policy at-least every once every quarter. HR shall involve others in drafting further anti-discrimination policy. HR shall also circulate articles related to Preventing Discrimination.


. Employer, Managers and Supervisors shall participate in scheduled discussions related to work place environment, of which Preventing Discrimination is one of the discussion point.


Reporting Discrimination and Disciplinary action:


If an Employee feels that he or she has been discriminated, they should immediately report the matter to his or her supervisor. If that person is not available, or if the Employee feels it would be unproductive to inform that person, the Associate should immediately contact that supervisor's superior or human resources. Once the matter has been reported it will be promptly investigated and any necessary corrective action will be taken where appropriate. All complaints will be handled in as discreet and confidential a manner as is possible under the circumstances.


Any Employee found to be engaged in discriminatory behaviour will be subject to disciplinary action, including the possible immediate termination of employment.

For any questions related to this policy, contact assigned Admin Manager or email

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