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Policy Principle and Guidelines

Information Security




Confidentiality: Protecting sensitive and confidential information from disclosure to unauthorized individuals or systems.


Integrity: Safeguarding the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of information.


Availability: Ensuring that information and vital services are accessible to authorized users when required.



Measures for Information Security:


. Determining confidential information – All Employees should determine information that should fall under confidential category. This should be done in consultation with Client, Partner and Employees to which the information pertains.


. Confidentiality Agreements – If any information that is marked confidential is to be shared with Business Partner in the course of work, Castingtree Confidentiality Agreement should be signed with the partner. This agreement is to be signed per project.


. Training and Employment Agreement – All Employees should be informed about Information Security and measures therein via employment agreement and subsequent training. Also regular training to be conducted for all Employees, HR to coordinate with IT Manager for scheduling such training.

For any questions related to this policy, contact assigned Admin Manager or email

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