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Policy Principle and Guidelines

Reducing Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gases







Castingtree shall play it’s part in reversing risks of Climate Change by reducing energy consumption and Greenhouse gases emission and by motivating our associates to do the same. Even though we are a low emitter, Castingtree believes that businesses like us can collectively play a huge role in helping our world reverse Climate Change.


Measures for reducing energy consumption and Green House Emission:


Purchasing – Shall purchase only higher Energy Star equipment and appliances for Office premises.


Cooling – Office temperature should be set to optimum based on outside weather. Regular maintenance shall be carried out for all Air-condition units. Air-condition system shall be upgraded every 4 years.


Transportation – Castingtree encourages travel by public transport for all its associates, even for management and partners. Wherever public transport is not a viable option, shared transport should be used.


Virtual Meeting – Virtual media should be preferred over physical meeting wherever possible. This not only saved money, it also reduces travel and therefore reduces emission.


Waste Management – All associates should work towards reducing minimum waste. Also refer to Office waste management policy and guidelines on reduce, reuse and recycle.


IT Infrastructure – Even though IT infrastructure is not big, we shall do everything possible to reduce as much as we can. Small steps like reducing screen brightness to setting screen off time goes a long way. Purchase admin shall make efforts to buy most energy efficient products and services.


Training – HR shall promote dialogue among Associates. HR shall regularly circulate articles and suggestions related to lowering energy consumption and emission. Managers can also make vendors aware about our policy to reduce emission and make educate them of methods they can use to reduce emission and energy consumption.


Plant a Tree – Castingtree encourages every employee to undertake Plant a Tree activity. They can participate in annual Catingtree Plant A Tree activity or do it themselves.


Suggestions and Review of policy – Castingtree encourages every employee to post a suggestion with regard to this policy. HR shall also undertake a review of this policy as frequently as possible.

For any questions related to this policy, contact assigned Admin Manager or email

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