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Policy Principle and Guidelines

Waste Management




  • Reduction
    Wherever possible reduce the purchase and use of single use items, examples include none-rechargeable batteries, disposables.


  • Re-use
    Before discarding an item ensure that it is at the end of its useful life and that someone else cannot make use of it, examples include furniture, computers and peripherals, books.


  • Recycling
    Where practical, buy products made from recycled material in preference to first generation materials thereby helping to sustain a market.


  • Risk Minimization
    Minimize risks of immediate and future pollution or harm to human health.


All associates of Castingtree have a personal responsibility for the way their conduct impacts on this policy and should take reasonable care to ensure that a responsible and approved disposal system is in place before undertaking any activity that results in the production of waste.

Prior to placing orders for waste removal or disposal, guidance should be sought from Purchasing Department regarding approved suppliers who have suitable environmental policies and practices in place.

Used Electronics – Admin to first donate usable Electronics and Computer equipment to certified and approved NGOs. Remaining Electronic waste should be disposed using certified electronics waste disposal services.

Waste disposal – All office waste to be bifurcated in wet and dry waste. All waste bins in the premises are clearly labeled ‘Wet’ and ‘Dry’. Associates should take time to dispose waste into right bins. All office waste will be collected daily by Disposal services.

Responsibility for the disposal of general office waste, that is waste, which is a by-product of every day office activities, rests with House Keeping and should be undertaken daily.

Printing policy – All documents, except Legal Agreements, to be printed double sided. Unless required for physical record, emails should not be printed. Re-fill printer cartridges as far as possible.

Plastic use – No use of one-time plastic water bottles. Cups from recyclable material should be available at all times near water coolers.

Should there be any doubt contact should be made in the first instance with Admin Manager who will either offer guidance or make the necessary introductions to ensure compliance.

For any questions related to this policy, contact assigned Admin Manager or email

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